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Artifact Analytical Report


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Product Information

Have you spent thousands on artifacts which only come with a simple 'in my opinion' COA?

     If you are a collector that prefers high end artifacts, you should expect a little more for your money. Does it make sense to spend $5,000 on a Hardin with a $25. 'opinion'?

     We have developed a new form of artifact documentation, specifically designed for high-value artifacts, called an Artifact Analytical Report, which is designed to demonstrate the collectability and preserve the history of an artifact. While we make no claims with this report as to our 'opinion' of an artifact's authenticity, instead, we present all of the pertinent information from our investigations, including mineralogical, historic, typological and other data. Based on this information, an individual may decide for themselves after considering all of the evidence presented. References are cited in many cases for further investigation.

     An AAR consists of the following reports and features:


  • Unique Holographic Security Serial Sticker prevents forgeries
  • Excellent To-Scale Photographic Documentation
  • Artifact Condition Report
  • Artifact Provenance Report
  • Artifact Typology Report
  • Artifact Inspection Report with Microscopic Photographs
  • Additional Inspection Notes Featuring Multi-Spectral Imaging
  • Optional services may be added at additional cost to expand upon a standard AAR such at Carbon-14, Obsidian Hydration and Sourcing, and Thermoluminescence dating.

     All Artifact Analytical Reports are permanently recorded in our proprietary online database.

     The entire multi-page report is presented on acid-free paper in a professionally executed Presentation book for long-life and easy viewing.

     Items which do not meet minimum standards for receipt of an AAR will only be charged a nominal inspection fee.

Product Code: AAR-001






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