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About Us

     Hello. My name is Alex Przygoda and I own 'THE ARTIFACT COMPANY'. Thank you for taking the time to read this 'About Us' page. Many of you know me and others may recognize my name. For the past 15 years I have dealt full time in artifacts from all over the world with a personal specialty in North American Native American prehistoric relics. I acquired my Kentucky Auction House Operator license in 2009.

     Over the years I have written several artifact related articles for various artifact related publications (some of those articles are posted below) and I am also the person who discovered the 'Fraudulent Perino Papers' and executed the investigative expose' on that matter which I am told has saved numerous collectors countless thousands of dollars in potential losses. And for years I have worked full-time as 'co-authenticator' with Bill Jackson (my step-father) at Jackson Galleries.

     I founded 'THE ARTIFACT COMPANY' as my independent venture to serve the artifact community to the best of my ability in a number of traditional as well as some very innovative ways. In particular, I offer proprietary 'Artifact Analytical Reports' on artifacts which are in-depth reports on individual artifacts unlike anything currently available anyplace else in the market. These disclosures offer a true evolutionary step beyond the traditional $25.00 opinion... and if you are spending any serious money on artifacts, these reports are possibly the best insurance you can buy on your items. A report like this vividly demonstrates the true value and collectibility of the artifact.

     The bottom line is I am seasoned and I am here to stay and I am here to provide YOU with the very best product and services possible. I am totally concerned with authenticity but my further commitment beyond that is to your total satisfaction. Collecting artifacts can be informative and educational, should be fun, and also should engender a tremendous sense of comradery. That's what I want. I am available to speak with you at length about anything anytime artifact related at 1 (800) 466-3836. I hope you will call us and get to know us and ultimately buy from us and build your collections with us... with confidence!! Again, we are devoted to providing you with the very best artifacts possible. We will always offer our best opinions regards grade and condition. Many of our offerings already have Certificates of Authenticity from major Authenticators, however our pieces can certainly speak for themselves. In all cases outside of the Auction, if you wish the opinion of another we will always provide the time necessary for you to obtain those opinions. There is no way to lose when dealing with us. You either like it... or you haven't bought it... simple as that! Good luck and good collecting!!


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