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What's It Worth??

          Many collectors are often left at a loss to truly identify the value of their collections. Some, to their detriment, never learn at all, leaving the disposition of their items to loved ones after passing. Consult with us to determine the best course of action or your needs for Appraisals. We offer everything from informal valuations for curiousity all the way up to detailed catalogued major appraisals with photography for your Insurance Company. Please call for details at 1-800-466-3836





Appraisals for Loss or Damage

          Rely on our expertise in the market if you are ever faced with the unfortunate need to file an insurance claim for loss or damage of your precious collectibles. We have worked with nearly every major Insurance Company and Commercial Shipper over the years to provide unbiased appraisals of collections or individual items which were either damaged in-transit, lost, or stolen. We can recommend secondary appraisers as well to get a highly accurate valuation.












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