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The Artifact Company is proud to present:
Saturday, August 15th, 2015
Prehistoric & Historic Artifacts & Relics Auction

Saturday, August 15th, 2015 at 10:00 AM EST
Presented by The Artifact Company

Read more about this auction @:
This sale features PART TWO of the Dale Bratcher Collection of Louisville, Kentucky.
Captain Bratcher (USN Retired) is an accomplished artist in many mediums, with a primary interest in paint.
   His artifact collection is largely focused on Western Kentucky, specifically the areas of Hardin and Grayson Counties
We are lucky to offer his collection at auction which also includes many hand-carved wooden pieces of folk-art he has done himself.
Also Featured in this sale are a number of pictured relics including high quality pottery and stone.

Numerous 'High Quality' Items culled from literally 1000's of submissions featuring dozens of G-9 and G-10 graded pieces. 
500+ Lots in all featuring many already papered by Jackson, Davis, Rogers, Bennett, Stermer, etc.
All items guaranteed under terms of sale.
Many super nice pieces of slate, bone, shell, and flint in featured in this sale.

A selection of pieces identified as reproductions from a Private Estate will also be sold 'AS-IS' at the end of this sale.

Over 350 Lots of Prehistoric Native American Artifacts!
11 Dovetails!
19 Clovis!
52 AXES!!!
Collectible Chinese Jades from all ages.
Western Paleo!
RARE Collector Books

We encourage you to place....
Phone and Absentee bids
Call Us @ 1-800-466-3836
We have now raised our premium to 19% for all purchases to simplify online checkout via PayPal.
We offer a reduction in premium of 4% (15% premium effective) for payment via Check or Money Order!
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FOR ALL 2015/2016 AUCTIONS!! 
Also seeking museum quality items for private sale!!


We are seeking consignments of all types for our 2015 Auction Year! Now is the time to submit your items!
Call us at 1-800-466-3836 for consignment details.
The Artifact Company

Alex Przygoda
KY AHO 3486





Artifact Authentication Services


     My name is Alex Przygoda and I am the owner of The Artifact Company. My primary business is that of auctioning top-quality Native American Artifacts. I offer LIVE Internet Auctions every 30 days or so along with numerous regularly updated Ebay listings which can be viewed on the home page. I also offer a unique proprietary Authentication Service designed specifically for the collector of high-end artifacts.

     Bill Jackson (now retired), who was one of the nation's first few commercial authenticators of ancient artifacts, is my stepfather. I worked shoulder to shoulder with Bill for over 20 years co-authenticating utilizing a methodology 'developed by and perfected by us' pertaining to artifacts, known as The Analysis of the Post-Depositional Surface Modification (or the PDSM methodology). Basically, the method is a distillation of numerous scientific disciplines in order to ascertain an artifact's antiquity through observation of evidence left on the surface of the artifact, without regard to reported history or provenance. For over a decade we were the only authenticators to have offered training in this methodology. Since the introduction of our training class, several have claimed that this knowledge sprung forth from their minds without giving proper credit. Make no mistake, in the ancient artifacts market we have been the leaders in the field of scientific non-destructive analysis and evaluation. Virtually all of the 100+ currently operating artifact authenticators in the United States claim to use the PDSM methodology, or at least their interpretation of it, yet only three of them have actually attended the class.

     Long ago I recognized a major gap in the Authentication Market between collector desire for authentic relics, and the efforts of inexperienced but generally well-meaning individuals to provide commercial authentication services which routinely vary in accuracy. After the launch of The Artifact Company in 2008 I developed and now offer a unique artifact evaluation service that addresses numerous issues that are lacking in traditional single-sheet authentication. Namely, I provide a thorough investigation of an artifact's attributes and proper documentation of the reported history and evidence of authenticity. Thus, the 'Artifact Analytical Report' (or AAR) was born. These multi-page reports present clear evidence in extensive text with descriptions, lineage, photographs (including numerous close-ups), UV photographs, maps, charts, etc., documenting in great detail all of the highly desirable and pertinent information regarding each examined item that is found impressive by even the most skeptical reviewer.

     Please feel free to call me at any time at 1-800-466-3836 with questions regarding matters of authentication or to arrange for a review of your artifact(s).



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Artifact Analytical Report

Artifact Analytical Report


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Simple Artifact Authentication (COA)

Simple Artifact Authentication (COA)


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